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  • Did you know that consuming a snack high in protein following your workout helps to promote muscle repair and can lessen belly fat?  Exercise activates cortisol, a stress hormone that helps you get the energy you need to push through those challenging CrossFit workouts.  The downside of Cortisol though, is that when it lingers in your body following a workout it inhibits the muscle repair process and alters your metabolism so that your body stores more calories as fat (often in the abdominal area). Protein acts as the Cortisol antidote and provides the amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle tissue that is damaged during intense exercise.  Consuming quality protein within 30 minutes of your workout will prevent these effects.  The quality protein source will differ for all of us, but choose wisely.  Whey protein beverages, egg whites, eggs, turkey and chicken breast, tuna, sardines and salmon are all excellent choices.

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